The first required course: Eight Hour Pre-Assignment
This course is an introduction to private security services. After successfully completing the course, guards are issued a certificate that must accompany their registration application, which is submitted to the Department of State. Once the application is submitted, the guard has 90 days to complete the second training course. The cost of this class is $60.00

The second required course: 16 Hour On-the-Job Training
Also known as the OJT course, this training program is relevant to a guards specific duties, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer. Schools may conduct this training in an approved classroom setting or at an approved work site which is conducive to learning. The cost of this class is $105.00

The third required training program: Eight Hour Annual In-Service (TAKEN ONCE A YEAR) 
Each calendar year after the OJT course is completed, guards must complete this training, which is designed to meet current training needs and refresh or update guards in changes in the security field. Completion of this course is a prerequisite for renewal of the guard registration. The cost of this class is $60.00

There are some guard assignments where the risk to personnel or property is high enough to justify the presence of armed guards. S.W.A.T. is known across the region for training vigilant, highly disciplined armed guards, through courses conforming to New York State and Division of Criminal Justice Services standards. To become an armed guard, an applicant must earn security guard certification, after which he or she must take:
The 47 Hour Firearms Course
This course includes seven hours of classroom instruction in the Use of Force (NYS Penal Law Art. 35) and a written examination. The course also includes 40 hours on the firing range, followed by weapons qualification. Upon successful completion of this course, the guard is issued a training certificate; it must be submitted to the Department of State along with his or her registration application. The cost of this class is $450.00
In order to renew armed guard registration, guards must take:
The Annual Eight Hour Firearms Training (TAKEN ONCE A YEAR)
Designed as both a refresher course and to update guards in developments in the security field, this course includes three hours of classroom instruction on the Use of Force, followed by a written examination. It also includes five hours of weapons qualification and a proficiency examination. The cost of this class is $125.00



At Security Weapons and Training, we are well known for the law enforcement style of training we provide for security personnel. Now we are are happy to announce that we will be offering training classes to the general public. The intent is to make available, to everyone, a series of classes that will teach, safely: Basic shooting skills, Advanced shooting skills, and Personal defense skills, with a hand gun.

The classes are as follows:

Practical Concealed carry skills:

This course was designed to give you the skills and the knowledge for carrying firearms concealed and also to make you aware of the responsibility of carrying a firearm concealed for personal protection along with the liabilities that come with it. If you are already carrying a firearm or if you are looking to be carrying a firearm concealed you should know how to properly be deploying the firearm when needed, but most importantly, the laws around you and when you should and should not be deploying a firearm for personal protection.  Class is 5 hours but may run longer depending on class size and discussion on different subject matter. If you have a ccw weapon you are already carrying along with a holster you are using, you are welcome to bring it with so we may assist with your own firearm as well. NO LOADED FIREARMS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CLASS ROOM. 

Topics that will be covered but not limited to:

  • mindset before, during and after
  •  types of equipment
  • necessary skills for carrying a firearm
  • legalities of carrying
  •  Article 35, use of force

Basic Shooting Skills: 1 Day 

●       The first fundamental of a firearm. Saftey! This is safety in the home, on the range, and out in public for personal defense.

●       Nomenclature: What are the correct terms for the parts of both pistols and revolvers?

●       The rest of the fundamentals: Grip (one handed, two handed) Stance (target, bench shooting, and combat positions) Site Picture Target VS. Combat Site Alignment. Trigger control and breath control.

                              ●       Live Fire: We will spend one full day at the range. Students will be expected to use their own personal firearm. Students will also need 250 - 300 rounds of practice ammunition. Class Cost $100.00

           Advanced Shooting Skills: 2 Day class 

                        Day One:

●       Safety review

●       Cleaning and inspection of weapon(s)

●       Operating from the forward draw holster

●       Shooting positions (Target VS. Combat) Weaver and Isosceles

●       Administrative loading and unloading, Combat reload, Tactical reload, One handed and Weak hand reload

●       Shooting at multiple targets

                        Day Two:

●       Live Fire: Day at the range, students will work through the various skills they have learned. Class Cost $150.00

           Personal Defense Shooting: 3 Day class 

                        Day One:

●       Choose the correct hand gun. We will look at all the different hand guns for concealed carry and discuss the up side and the drawbacks of each.

●       Holsters: We will give everyone a chance to try all the holsters available and look at the pluses and minuses of each.

●       Close Quarter Combat: How to deploy the hand gun when confronted within a 3 foot radius.

●       Shooting from a seated position: How to safely deploy the hand gun while in a seated position, weather in a vehicle or seated at a table.

                        Day Two and Three:

●       Live Fire: Students will demonstrate the practical skills they have learned. Class Cost $225.00

    New York State Penal Law: Article 35 Class    


Use of Force and Deadly Physical Force 

●       This is a one day, 8 hour class, which will focus on the use of force and deadly physical force. It will be open to anyone who wants a better understanding of the law. If you own a firearm for self-defense, in your home, or conceal carry. You need to know the law! It is what you know and do that matters before you use a firearm to defend your house or your self.  Class cost $75.00 

Security Weapons And Training 

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