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"Train because your life depends on it"

Security Weapons And Training 

Class are held at our 659 Ridge Rd. Lackawanna, NY 14218 location unless other wise stated.  Class room seating is limited so please call or email us in advance to reserve your seat.  The 16hr OJT you must attend both classes to get credit, all other classes are one day classes except the armed guard class which is a 6 day class.  All classes must be attended for the full length of the class and be successfully completed in order to get credit and a certifcate

Class Dates 

8hr Pre- assignment class:     1/02/20 1/18/20 1/23/20 - 2/06/20 2/15/20 2/20/20

8hr Annual in-service class:   1/11/20 1/15/20 1/30/20 - 02/08/20 02/12/20 02/28/20

16hr On The Job training class (OJT):    (01/10/20 01/17/20) - (02/07/20 02/14/20) 

8hr Firearms Recert (armed guard):   

47 Hour Firearms Course (become an  Armed guard) (All days must be attended in order to obtain certification and you must have a valid NYS pistol Permit as well as your un-armed guard card). 

Pistol Permit class: 01/04/20 01/07/20 01/21/20 01/31/20 - 02/01/20 02/04/20 02/18/20 

Practical Concealed Carry Class:   01/25/20 - 02/29/20